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Why furo.fit?

Enjoy a personalized experience especially curated to mirror your values and engage your peers.


Customizable challenges

Design and launch your own challenges and assign points for various activities your employees undertake.


Organization wide metrics

Take the guesswork out of the picture and get access to the overall metrics and mood of the organisation.


Gamified social network

Let employees with similar interests connect and take part in competitions to earn points.


Encourage healthy habits

Help your employees form healthier habits by enabling them to set their own goals and track their progress.

How Does It Work?

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Personalized social feed for your workforce

Encourage employees to share content and engage over fitness and wellbeing. Enable peers with similar interest to connect and work towards a common goal. Reward your employees for participation and engagement. We have something to catch everyone’s attention.

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    Themed hashtag contests

    Positively use break times to have employees engage on the social feed to share their fitness goals with unique hashtags. You can’t ask for better brand ambassadors!

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    Wellness oriented community

    Build a community where like-minded individuals can interact and build lasting relationships with a focus on physical and mental health.

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Seamless tracking of health metrics

Let your employees integrate their daily fitness activities and goals with our app along with the option to sync with their preferred fitness app or wearables. Track real time health statistics and get personalized guidance to hit your goals.

Water Intake
Weight & BMI
Calories & Macros
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Virtually tour new places while walking

An opportunity to tour the world at no-expense! Choose from a variety of cities and nations to avail of local and international tourist experiences. Discover renowned landmarks, new cities and states and local favourites by walking through them at your convenience. The world at your feet, literally!

Make tedious target setting enjoyable. Encourage peers to set their own targets and beat them. Let them set unachievable targets and match their steps to succeed!

New countries, popular cities, renowned museums, delish cafes, serene parks and thumping party spots, discover them all, with your teammates, from the comfort of your neighbourhood!

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And so much more to do

Customize your fitness goals, elevate competition, speak to experts in the field of nutrition, mental health and wellness. And track your progress LIVE.

Interest based groups and leader-boards
Peer-to-peer challenges
Mental health sessions
Personalized coaching packages


From the daily challenges that bring a focus to wellness and the opportunities to compete with peers on the step up challenges, our teams have enjoyed the USTep Program. furo.fit's social fitness platform empowered employees to participate in step up challenges with a social aspect that drove participation, program satisfaction, and overall wellness. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Sajitha Mohankumar UST
Super thrilled for the opportunity to work with furo.fit. We wanted to use the app to promote a healthy lifestyle and build team rapport for virtual teams. furo.fit was a pleasure to work with and shared recommendations openly with us, how to maximise the experience for our participants. We received lots of positive feedback after this activity. Thank you furo.fit! Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Don Wilmot RedHat
We are extremely pleased working with the team and using their portal “furo.fit” for our Health & wellness initiatives at Ness Technologies. The furo.fit portal has an excellent framework and could be tailored to take care of our specific requirements . In addition to monitoring and tracking health & fitness goals of the employees, it has also enabled very positive engagement and socialization within the organization. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Cheryl Angelo Ness Technologies
I would like to thank furo.fit and Reliance for taking up such a good initiative in the direction of Employee Wellness. I had a habit of walking in the past but the Chale Raho competition gave me fuel to continue the same on a regular basis. I’ve consciously been increasing my steps each day, and being on the portal has motivated me to do that. The idea was not to win, but to include walking in my daily life, and that habit is intact till date. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Sneha Wani Reliance
We found that enrolling for furo.fit consists of very simple steps and the product is ready to accept feeds from several well-known workout tracking applications. With the ease in using and the competition created by furo.fit, doing regular workout has become fun for many of us, including myself. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Alok Singh Encore Software
We collaborated with furo.fit to launch our 6 weeks employee engagement program called #ExifeLifeFitnessChallenge. It was well received across the board in over 204 location bringing 4500 employees together for a mission to become fitter and better.
Highly recommend the furo.fit platform for corporate engagement & team building!
Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Nishant Bhardwaj Exide Life Insurance
We found that enrolling for furo.fit consists of very simple steps and the product is ready to accept feeds from several well-known workout tracking applications. With the ease in using and the competition created by furo.fit, doing regular workout has become fun for many of us, including myself. Donald Salvor || Global Initiative Siddhartha Jain CommonFloor


No, it is not compulsory for the participants to have a wearable. Furo.fit app will connect with Apple Health (iOS) or Google Fit (Android) and both these apps can record your step count using just your phone. In case you do have a wearable device, it can mostly connect to either of these apps and your step count will sync from there.

Yes, the app home screen, program name and all creatives and graphics shared before or during the program will be branded as per your organization.

Both options are available. In case you are looking to organize a challenge for a limited time-period, that is possible but we highly recommend our long-term programs to see consistent results as we believe fitness needs to be a continuous process.

Yes, the hashtag challenges are fully customizable and you can run any type of challenge you want. We do pass on suggestions of challenges that we know work well, but any new challenge that you come up with can be easily accommodated.